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Teenage Drowsiness and Anti Social Behavior

Man sleeping during exam in exam hall

Tired teenage boys who report feeling drowsy during the afternoon are more likely to demonstrate anti-social behaviors (lying, cheating and stealing) and 4.5 times more likely to commit violent crimes 15 years later!  These findings were published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry last year.  It is especially interesting that the researchers were at first just looking at sleep issue and day time drowsiness as it relates to inattention.  39 years later, they cross referenced their data with criminal records and found this relationship.


They hypothesized that daytime drowsiness and feeling tired is often associated with poor attention.  If we connect poor attention as an external indirect metric for brain function, you are more likely to be a criminal if you have substandard functionality.  The study says that drowsiness does not predispose a teenager to undesirable behavior, but there was a greater frequency.  Lots of tired teens commit no crimes.


Get a good nights sleep!

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