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Sleeping on a Plane

A recent article in Sleep Review Online talks about How to Get Good Sleep on a Plane.  They reference the BBC and Brian Kelly, “The Points Guy” whom I have read several times as an expert.  I am sure he is, and I would add my 180,00 miles last years’ worth of two cents.  Besides being in First Class, where the space and your amenities make it easier, what else can the coach passenger do?


  • Eat Right, like you would or would not before bed at home.
  • Put yourself into the destination time zone mindset
  • Dree comfortably
  • Use your regular pre-bed rituals
  • Hydrate (not with Alcohol or caffeine!)
  • Use an eye mask and ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones.

I find that even a couple hours nap when flying cross country helps a lot.  I fly red eyes from the west coast home to Detroit about 8 times a year.  With some sleep, I can function well the next day.  I may feel like I had a poor night’s sleep similar to a late night at home or when alcohol is involved.  But I can get by.  I rarely nap after getting home, that way, I am looking forward to going to sleep in my own bed at the end of the day.

To be honest, because I don’t snore in a semi reclining/sitting airplane seat, I don’t have to wear my ProSomnus sleep device.  But I do, because it strikes up interesting conversations!


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