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#ShareYourStory January 2020 Patient Testimonial Winner

Congratulations to Michael Anthony #michaelanthonysings, our January 2020 #ShareYourStory patient testimonial winner! Thank you for sharing your story and helping raise awareness for others seeking a comfortable, effective treatment option for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

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I feel compelled to share my struggle with sleep apnea and the ProSomnus device that changed my life from the team and Long Island Dental Sleep Medicine. I had sleep apnea without even knowing, what I did know is every morning I woke up with a lightheaded feeling, migraine, horrific TMJ, elevated A1C, elevated Blood Pressure- At 31 years old all of the above was a horrible truth to battle. My wife convinced me that I was snoring and pleaded with my stubbornness to get help. With the sleep apnea diagnosis I was extremely upset to learn I may need to wear a CPAP Machine- with difficult tubing and a guaranteed dry throat from forced air to give me the oxygen I need. I racked my brain with solution. I believe when there is a problem you must think about the solution, not the problem. I was referred to Dr. Seltzer & Dr. Rein. I was a huge sceptic. The device within a few nights changed my life- I wake up with clarity and even reach rem sleep and dream!!! Better yet, my TMJ since braces has since been 100% cured no pain no loud crack- Gone!!! My blood pressure meds reduced by 1/2 and my A1C after 1 year of treatment back in normal range with Zero Meds. This team, this device has changed my life full circle and I’m writing this to inspire you to recognize the symptoms that are so common and act on them! Treat the cause not the problem- and stop sleeping on the couch! #ProSomnus #LongIslandDentalSleepMedicine #LISmile #DentalSleepMedicine #SleepApnea #StopSnoring #cpapalternative

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