Compare the ProSomnus devices to the other top oral sleep appliances on the market. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies uses the pinpoint accuracy of digital impressions and the precision of CAD/CAM milling to create the sleekest, longest-lasting, most accurately fitting appliance available in one little strong, comfortable, biocompatible, functional package. Just take a look at the difference in size and design!

While our competitors’ products may work, they certainly aren’t as comfortable or attractive as a ProSomnus device.

ProSomnus sleep and snore devices are also warranted for up to three years – the longest warranty on the market. And because impressions, files, and records are all stored digitally, a new appliance can be made instantly – no return visit to your dentist, no waiting for molds!

It’s intelligent engineering you will recognize – even in your sleep!