While the way a CPAP works to help you keep breathing seems fairly obvious – using air pressure to hold your airway open – an oral appliance may seem a little bit more mysterious. How can a tiny oral appliance keep your airway from closing – especially when you are fast asleep

It’s actually pretty simple:
Both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are caused by a collapse of the soft tissues or the tongue into the airway, blocking it and keeping you from taking a proper breath. But more and more research is showing that oral appliances like the ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices work amazingly well by gently advancing your lower jaw and keeping it in a slightly forward position.

That means that the ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices:

  • Move the soft tissues away from the back of your throat
  • Allow for proper airflow
  • Reduce snoring
  • Reduce daytime sleepiness, fatigue, morning headaches, and sluggishness
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Protect you from health hazards of sleep apnea
  • Are simple to use, comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean

The reports are out: The ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices are the smallest and most comfortable custom made oral appliances available!

Here’s why – the ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices are custom-made with CAD/CAM technology to uniquely fit the individual it is fabricated for.

And unlike other bulky appliances, it offers plenty of space in your mouth in which your tongue can rest comfortably while you sleep. No more mouth breathing!

Even better, you can open and close your mouth, so you don’t feel trapped in your appliance the way you might in some others. How? The ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices come in two parts. One arch fits over the upper teeth and one over the lower teeth. These two parts work together to hold your jaw in the ideal position to help you stop snoring!

The ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices really stand out among other oral appliances with:

  • Options for a completely metal-free device
  • A smoother, more comfortable surface
  • Up to 22% more strength in every direction
  • 30% less overall volume
  • 33% less mouth opening required
  • Better airway protection
  • 6x fewer monomers and residual Methylmethacrylate for better taste, lowered toxicity, and decreased possibility of allergic reaction
  • Less or no tooth movement for improved comfort and accuracy
  • Great warranty– up to three years
  • 2x faster turnaround time


ProSomnus Devices use a series of upper and lower arches designed to move the jaw forward step by step until you have adjusted to the ideal position. Your jaw will have plenty of time to adapt to the advancement. In the morning, simply brush your oral appliance with a gentle cleanser – no toothpaste please – and store it away. It is so small and discreet that it can be stored in your medicine cabinet or bedside table!

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