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ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies Announces A New Precision Morning Occlusal Guide [MOG]

San Francisco, CA, March 28, 2018 – Today ProSomnus Sleep Technologies announced the release of the ProSomnus [MOG]. The ProSomnus [MOG] is the only precision Morning Occlusal Guide that is engineered to return the patient’s mandible to its pre-treatment position each morning.

Recently, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine convened a panel comprised of 13 experts in Dental Sleep Medicine to examine peer reviewed literature dealing with side effects of oral appliance therapy and recommend appropriate treatment protocols for dentists treating patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing. The panel concluded that most patients experience a significant occlusal discrepancy after removal of their mandibular advancement device. Morning Occlusal Guides were recommended to ensure that the mandible is re-aligned correctly each day.

According to the AADSM policy statement, “Each morning after the sleep appliance is worn, the patient should bite into the MOG until the maxillary and mandibular teeth are fully seated for as long as it takes the teeth to re-establish occlusion.”[1]

“The precision of the ProSomnus [MOG] is far superior to the chairside Thermacryl or other A.M. Aligner wafers in use today. More importantly, if the patient lost one, this technology allows you to get back to the patient’s MIP with confidence,” stated Mark T. Murphy, DDS, Lead Faculty for Clinical Education at ProSomnus. “That peace of mind is priceless in regard to this side effect and worth the small incremental fee. They send you two MOGs with your case and can make another one at any time because the exact position is digitally stored.”

Dentists have had various success in billing for this to the medical and/or dental insurance providers. To be reimbursed though, the MOG typically has to be made by a third-party manufacturer and not made chairside. Check with your billing company to work through the reimbursement opportunity.

Any dentist interested in ordering a ProSomnus [MOG] can write it in on the current prescription. Additionally, you may reach out to your local representative for further information. ProSomnus Sleep Technologies will feature the new ProSomnus [MOG] and other new products at the upcoming ASBA Sleep and Wellness Conference in Las Vegas, NV April 13-14.

[1] Addy N, Bennett K, Blanton A, Dort L, Levine M, Postol K, Schell T, Schwartz D, Sheats R, Smith H. Policy statement on a dentist’s role in treating sleep-related breathing disorders. Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine. 2018;5(1):25–26.


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