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My Bed Knows All About My Sleep!

Our Sleep Number Bed has Sleep IQ as a feature. It was optional when we purchased the bed a few years ago, but I was of course curious. Turns out it is a good indicator of my personal sleep quality over time. I have moderate OSA and without my ProSomnus Sleep Technologies MicrO2 in, my average heart rate soars to the mid to high 60’s. Alcohol will also cause a similar rise in my average rhythm. The normal sleeping HR for me is 47-55 My respiratory rate rarely varies plus or minus one 14-16.


The embedded sensors and software also tell you how much time you spent in restful and restless slumber. The red lines indicate my “out of bed” time. At 60 year of age, you know what that was for LOL. It also allows you to add activity notes that may help you discover a pattern that leads to better for pre-sleep preparation.

There are a multitude of other apps and software that do this and more. My Fitbit seems to lack the HR accuracy of my bed but it is easier to wear during the day to track exercise and steps. A recent article suggested the following as the Top 10 Sleep Tracking Apps.

  1. Sleep Cycle (Free) – Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and figures out when’s the best time to wake up.
  2. Sleep Pillow Sounds (Free) – Having soothing sounds around you help a lot in getting you in the right mindset for sleep.
  3. Pzizz (Free) – Pzizz also offers up ambient sounds to soothe and relax you, but it provides you with a new track every time you hit the “start” button.
  4. Sleep Time+ ($1.99) – Part sleep analysis tool, part alarm, Sleep Time+ is simple while still offering great features. You can fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise, with an algorithm tracking when’s best to wake up.
  5. To bed (Free) – To bed sort of works like your mother. Simply tap in your age and wakeup times, and the app tells you when you should be getting ready to head to bed. We all need a nudge sometimes.
  6. Digipill (Free) – Offering a little bit of everything to improve your life, it uses meditation techniques improving sleep, while providing other helpful advice on how to de-stress, gain peace of mind and boost motivation.
  7. SleepBot (Free) – SleepBot is another smart alarm system, tracking how much you move at night, and figuring out when you’re only in a light sleep rather than deeply sleeping.
  8. MotionX 24/7 ($0.99) – Tracks your sleep like other apps and records your snoring and other sounds you might make. That’s particularly useful if you’re concerned about sleep apnea.
  9. Sleep Cycle Power Nap ($1.99) – O offers different nap modes. Power nap rest for up to 20 minutes, while a Recovery nap offers up to 45 minutes.
  10. Sleep Genius ($4.99) – Sleep Genius promises to guide you through your sleep cycle, by offering different soothing sounds and music to ease you in.
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