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Getting the Word Out about Better Sleep

ProSomnus Find a Dentist website

Recent research reported that 70% of dentists have a Facebook page and 41% are set up with Google+. 68% of US adults own a smartphone so online marketing on handheld devices was critical. Our Find a Dentist Website is easily accessed on any platform and device. Patients can find you and request appointments through our site that is currently found on our website. Late spring, we plan to launch a new and improved site that will have important information for you and for patients.

ProSomnus’ Facebook Page

We have been posting and blogging for months about OSA related disorders and currentsleep issues. Go to our ProSomnus Sleep Technologies Facebook page, like us and ask all your friends to also. The momentum is growing and this page will connect patients interested in finding out more about sleep disorders with trained dentists.

Old School still works too!

We placed a full page add in the USA Today special edition recently that reached up to 780,000 readers and subscribers. The entire week of March 6th was dedicated to sleep related issues and we were the only device advertiser. ProSomnus is dedicated to helping dentists help more patients with greater efficiency and effectiveness. By educating the public more and creating greater awareness we will help everyone sleep better. Sleep, Breathe, Refresh!

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