Review Hero

I was recently fitted with a MicrO2 after wearing another appliance for a while. My sleep apnea was severe and I simply could not tolerate a CPAP machine. The noise and pressure made me feel trapped. I really love the product and have told several friends who wear a CPAP. Or should I say, don’t wear their CPAP! There is an alternative that is way better.

- David K

This is almost embarrassing to tell. Of course, I sleep better now that I have my MicrO2, but so does my dog. We had spent a small fortune having our pet Weimar trained with specialists to sleep through the night. All three programs we tried failed. No one could figure out when she was getting up at night at our house but not at the kennel. Turns out, if I slept better so did my dog, oh yeah and my wife is happy too.

- Jay L

I accidentally broke my upper appliance (no comment on how…LOL). Two things amazed me though when this happened. First, my sleep was so bad for those few days I was without it I could not imagine how I had gotten by all those years. Second, it was only a few days before I had a replacement. My dentist said, because of digital technology, they just press a button, make another one and ship it out. She paid for rush shipping and the warranty covered the cost of a new appliance!

- Chad W

I tried other appliances and they were much bulkier than the MicrO2. It is smooth and doesn’t bother my cheeks. It is easy to keep clean. There are no metal parts and I can’t imagine going to sleep without it.

- Eric K