ProSomnus Sleep Technologies designs, manufactures and markets FDA Cleared Class II Medical Devices dentists use to treat patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. ProSomnus Devices are the first, precision oral appliance therapy devices designed to enhance compliance, mitigate side effects and, enable dentists to achieve excellent patient experiences and outcomes. They have been used to treat thousands of patients, with clinical performance that has been validated in randomize controlled trials, retrospective cohort studies, and numerous clinical case reports. 

The company is dedicated to further advancing the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea through ongoing research, product development, and process enhancement for improved effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience for patients and doctors alike.

ProSomnus is focused on commercializing device designs that are clinically relevant, creating treatment experiences that exceed the needs of the practicing sleep dentist and his or her patients, and supporting scientific research that further establishes Dental Sleep Medicine as a viable therapy for OSA.

In the end, it is the people of ProSomnus that makes this company great. Passionate about improving and saving lives, our team infuses their care and enthusiasm into every product, strategy, and support system.


Len Liptak

Co-founder & CEO

Sung Kim

Co-founder & CTO

David Kuhns ProSomnus

Dave Kuhns, PhD

Co-founder & CSO

Jerry Vogel

VP, Sales


Mindy Hungerman


Heather Whalen

VP, Marketing Communications

Mark T. Murphy, DDS, D-ABDSM

Lead Clinical Faculty

Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBA

Medical Director

Shouresh Charkhandeh DDS, BMedSc

Global Scientific Committee Chair

ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies is a member of HealthpointCapital’s portfolio of investments. HealthpointCapital is a value-driven, research-oriented private equity firm that has an exceptional track record of investing in innovative dental and orthopedic medical device companies. View our Board of Directors.

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