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We have made it easier to choose ProSomnus for a wider range of patient types with our new ProSomnus [IA] Sleep Device, the ProSomnus ACG System and our reliable Compliance Sensor technology.

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Participate in our Practice Partnership Program and earn a quarterly, volume based rebate. You can also benefit from ProSomnus’ Find a Dentist website. Don’t forget, the new ProSomnus [IA], new ProSomnus ACG System and the ProSomnus MicrO2 Sleep Device to qualify towards the Practice Partnership Program.


ProSomnus [IA] Sleep Device / ProSomnus ACG System / ProSomnus MicrOSleep Device

ProSomnus’ flagship sleep and snore device was the MicrO2Launched in late 2014, it was met with great enthusiasm as a fresh approach that included precision design and medical device effectiveness.

The ProSomnus [IA] with Monogram™ Customization Options, evolved to answer the customization requests which the patented digital process allow. Adding an anterior discluder, anterior airway, metal-free hooks, or changing the post angles or extent of coverage was being requested so often that we created a new standard (most asked for) feature set. We also added unlimited advancement arch options all for one fee. This makes it easier to use ProSomnus with confidence on patients with less certain protrusive positions.









The ProSomnus ACG System addresses the airway challenged TMD and Bruxism patient when you are NOT planning on treating them with traditional OSA diagnosis and OAT. This solution offers both day and night time appliances that are in a protrusive position, in part, as a response to the recent ACP position paper on treating TMD and Bruxism.


ProSomnus Sleep Devices were used to successfully treat 71% of OSA patients,

including 100% of mild patients, 86% of moderate patients and 42% of severe patients

*A New Oral Appliance Titration Protocol using the MicrO2® Sleep Device and Mandibular Positioning Home Sleep Test.” Presented at AADSM on June 10, 2016 by John Remmers, MD and Nikola Vranjes, DDS during poster and oral presentations

Why are so many leading Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners choosing

ProSomnus Sleep Apnea Devices?

ProSomnus Sleep Apnea Devices provide the efficiency, effectiveness, and patient compliance that leading Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners demand.

Let ProSomnus Sleep Technologies help.

“I was recently fitted with a ProSomnus Device after wearing another appliance for a while. My sleep apnea was severe, and I simply could not tolerate a CPAP machine. The noise and pressure made me feel trapped. I really love the product and have told several friends who wear a CPAP. Or should I say, don’t wear their CPAP! There is an alternative that is way better.”

– David

“I tried other appliances and they were much bulkier than the ProSomnus Device. It is smooth and doesn’t bother my cheeks. It is easy to keep clean. There are no metal parts and I can’t imagine going to sleep without it.”

– Eric

Let ProSomnus give you the confidence and freedom with proven options and evidence-based innovation.