“The precision engineering used in fabricating ProSomnus Medical Devices is second to none. They make me a better sleep dentist.” —B. Kent Smith, DDS, D.ABDSM, D.ASBA 

“The ProSomnus Sleep Device material is so much smoother and easier for the patient to keep clean, you just don’t see the typical bio-gunk as you do with other appliances. The appliances come back with no smell and no stain even after 2-3 years. With all the discussion around oral-systemic connections, our appliances have to be healthy too.” —Michael Gelb, DDS, MS 

“The smaller, lingualess design of ProSomnus Sleep Devices means I don’t violate tongue space and with precision engineering, I don’t have to protrude the patient so far to find the best therapeutic bite position. They love the fit, feel and comfort and that means better outcomes and compliance.” —Jerry C. Hu, DDS, D.ABDSM, D.ASBA