“If CPAP was the GOLD standard for OSA treatment, ProSomnus EVO is the gold standard for OAT! There simply are no tradeoffs with this material and design. Monolithic, precise, incredibly comfortable and designed to prevent side effects that commonly arise. As an ENT sleep physician, I must say, this is the kind of solution that the medical community has been waiting for.” —Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBA

“ProSomnus EVO reminds me of the comfortable cotton socks I put on every morning. They always fit, they conform and after it is in place, you forget about it. Marrying a flexible design without sacrificing the impermeability took some magic. Kudos to ProSomnus!” —Kent Smith, DDS, D.ABDSM, D.ASBA

“As a DSM clinician, predictability and reliability are key to successful patient treatment outcomes. Prescribing ProSomnus EVO has met those needs with first time fit while providing our patients with exceptional durability and comfort which leads to compliance. All of this and seeing great results through better efficacy, makes EVO a winning device for our practice.” —Neal Seltzer, DMD, FAGD, D.ABDSM, D.ASBA, D.ACSDD