The Link Between Comfort and Patient Compliance

We all know that comfort increases patient compliance, and patient compliance increases both your freedom to help people improve their lives and your ability to grow and expand your practice. Adding MicrO2 to your practice is an easy, proven, predictable way to do just that.

Just take a look at the benefits and features you and your patients will enjoy:


  • Design based on clinical expertise of leaders in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Treats OSA by positioning the mandible according to the prescription
  • 90° post angle prevents the lower jaw from falling back during sleep
  • CAD/CAM digital process for unheard-of accuracies
  • Thinner and stronger with significantly less overall bulk and volume
  • Retainer-like fit keeps teeth from moving, and initial-delivery adjustments disappear
  • One-piece construction with no moving parts
  • Adjustment method similar to changing aligners
  • Lingual-free design for 11% more tongue space
  • Minimizes the risk for TMJ and other craniofacial complications
  • Denser, acrylic milling puck increases strength while decreasing monomer leaching
  • Crystal-clear material is more attractive and easier to clean
  • Easy to replace with seven-day turnaround