Precision, Airway Centric variations of familiar dental splints, ACG Splints are designed in response to the ACP Positioning Statement on prescribing splints for patients at risk of SDB. The ProSomnus ACG System has been engineered to provide a stronger, more precise fit with better hygiene.


ProSomnus ACG Day
STANDARD: A lower repositioning splint providing anterior guidance.
FULL: Special variant for anterior open bite patients to help transfer forces appropriately.
FUNCTIONAL: A pre-restorative appliance that acclimates the patient to their new bite.


ProSomnus ACG Night
STANDARD: Patients with TMD complaints prior to being treated with a MAD for OSA.
STABILIZER: Patients with discomfort of the lower anterior teeth or localized mobility.
BRUXPAD: Bruxism patients, this option features a broader anti-retrusion ramp than the Standard.

The resolution passed by the ADA in the Fall of 2017 and the recent position paper from the ACP directs us to have a solution for Sleep and Breathing Disorder sufferers that does not leave the mandible in a retruded position. The Airway Centric Guidance system does just that.

ADA Resolution 

ACP Position Paper 

The ACG System of appliances gives you peace of mind when treating TMD or Bruxism patients you suspect may have a breathing disorder. The protrusive bite and patient centric design help you transition towards a role in treating sleep disorders in your practice if you wish. “I have used the ACG System for some time now and have had remarkable success. Having a day time solution that is Airway Centric is important. We breathe 24-hours a day, not just at night. The ACG Functional Splint helps patients acclimate who are preparing for full mouth reconstruction or surgery.” – Dr. G.

Today, a full arch of teeth can be scanned along with a protruded, open bite and sent digitally to ProSomnus, where a precision designed CAD/CAM oral sleep appliance can be milled and finished without a model to fit and function like never before.

Take a giant step toward better patient health: Join the digital revolution with ProSomnus and enjoy a more fulfilling and less stressful practice and an optimized patient experience.


ProSomnus Sleep Devices carry a service warranty of 3 years from the date of manufacture of the initial device. The warranty period for any related repairs, remakes, relines, replacement arches, or additional advancement arches including unlimited arches is 3 years from the date of manufacture of the initial device.

Our Service Warranty covers the device in use, against defects in workmanship and materials. If unsatisfactory material performance is experienced within the service warranty period, the repair or replacement of the device, excluding clinical costs, is covered.

Global clearance must be greater than 3.0mm

  • We will allow one isolated point whose vertical is below 3.0mm. However, the thickness of this point must be greater than 1.5mm to offer full device warranty.
  • If this spot’s thickness is less than 1.5mm, no device warranty is offered.

If the vertical clearance is less than 3.0mm and…

  • The minimum clearance is smaller than 3.0mm because of 2nd or 3rd molar,
    • ProSomnus will reduce posterior coverage to increase overall device thickness.
    • 3rd molar and 1/2 distal of the second molar can be excluded from ProSomnus Devices without consultation.
    • Any additional tooth exclusion, ProSomnus will contact the office.
  • If doctor instructs ProSomnus to adjust the bite to meet vertical clearance requirement,
    • ProSomnus will offer a full warranty on device breakage only, but excludes any bite related issues which result in device remake – full charge for a remake due to bite related problems.
    • With doctor approval, an additional 1.0mm of vertical can be added to the provided bite, with 0.5mm as the recommendation.
  • If doctor instructs ProSomnus to move forward with the bite as it is,
    • ProSomnus will proceed with the bite provided without any warranty.
  • If vertical clearance is greater than 6.0mm, ProSomnus will contact the office unless otherwise noted in doctor’s preferences.
  • Unless noted on the Rx, ProSomnus will contact the office for any midline deviation greater than 3.0mm.

Warranty will be voided if any structural damage was made to the device in the office.



Standard production turnaround time is 7 business days + shipping. Standard turnaround time for analog cases from the day it leaves your office to the day it arrives back is 14 business days total, which includes inbound and outbound shipping. Standard turnaround time for digital cases from the day the scan leaves your office to the day it arrives back is 12 business days total, which includes outbound shipping.

Standard production turnaround time is dependent upon receiving adequate impressions and protrusive bites as well as a completed prescription. Failure to complete any of the necessary steps may result in a manufacturing delay.

Standard Production Turnaround Schedule (Example)










If you have a case requiring a special rush, we have a few rush options and fees depending upon your needs. Please feel free to contact our office or schedule a future rush by calling us at 1-844-53SLEEP.

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