Patient Testimonial: Treatment by Dr. James R. Mattingly, DDS of Walnut Creek, CA; ProSomnus® Sleep Device.



“My dog Sully had not stayed in bed the whole night because of my snoring…now that I have my ProSomnus device, he stays the whole night”

Patient Testimonial: Treatment by Dr. Mark T. Murphy, DDS of Rochester Hills, MI; ProSomnus® Sleep Device.



A recent study found that folks with high speed internet sleep 25 minutes less on average than those that don’t.  Although not surprising, it speaks to the challenges of managing sleep deprivation, drowsiness and sleep apnea today.


A recent article by Jeff Rogers DMD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA in Sleep Review reveals the alarming increased risk of car crashes due to sleeping just 1-2 hours less than ideal.  According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 1 in 10 crashes were caused by drowsy drivers. Today, most states have ‘distracted’ and ‘drunk’ driving laws, but none have ‘drowsy’ statutes.  Bus and truck drivers, FAA pilots, boat captains and many other ‘alert critical’ jobs have testing and compliance guidelines that ensure a well-rested operator is in command. Rest well and drive safely.  It is estimated that over 20% of the adult US population has some sleep disorder.  See you physician of dentist to find out how you can be tested.

A recent article in Science News reviewed 27 studies about Sleep and Cognitive Diseases like Alzheimer’s. They found there was a 68% higher incidence in those who were not rested. In the US alone, over one third  of us are considered sleep deprived.
The NFL recently announced a partnership with Sleep Number Beds and their Sleep IQ technology to measure manage and improve players sleep to improve performance.  Similar to the Chicago Cubs using sleep monitoring to help them win their first World Series in a zillion years, the Vikings and Cowboys have been using this technology to gain an edge.  Even more important than performance may be helping to prevent the co-morbidities that are associated with sleep apnea. Everyone recalls Reggie White, the Minister of Defense who died in his sleep shortly after his 43rd birthday.  His death was linked to Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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It is about more than just feeling tired.

According to;

More males (65%) than females (35%) are affected.
Most likely ages are 41-70 (74%). 
ID, IA, MD, AK and UT are the top five states.
Top associated diagnoses were diabetes and hypertension.

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Complications of Sleep Apnea

Fleet Owner Staff | Apr 05, 2018

A new report compiled by market research firm Packaged Facts entitled Sleep Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies finds that sleep problems, difficulty initiating and maintaining sleep, non-restorative sleep, and excessive daytime sleepiness create lead to serious “adverse effects” on well-being, functioning, and quality of life.

For example, those diagnosed with “snoring/sleep apnea” are more than three times more likely than adults on average to have suffered from depression in last 12 months, while those diagnosed with “insomnia/sleep disorder” are more than 50% more likely than adults on average to agree that “there is little they can do to change their lives,” the study found.

The report also emphasized that “sleep-related issues” may adversely influence sense of personal empowerment and emotional well-being, too.

Sleep disorder sufferers polled in this research said they were “inclined to view medication” as a means of improving their quality of life, as those diagnosed with “insomnia/sleep disorder” were 40% more likely than average to say that medication for their health condition “really made life better.” That translates to almost 6 in 10 who agree with this statement, Packaged Facts noted.

The company added that its report concentrated on two distinct groups: “troubled sleepers” and adults who have specific sleep conditions/disorders, with demographic analysis of those groups is woven into its analysis. The study also focused on how adults approach and treat sleep disturbances and sleep disorders, emphasizing consumer survey analysis and trends over time, the firm said.