Join thousands of users sleeping restfully without their CPAP

ProSomnus Therapy helps you get a restful night of sleep without noisy machines, masks, or hoses. Learn why hundreds of thousands of patients are ditching their CPAP and sleeping with ProSomnus.

Used By Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide

The Affordable, Patient Preferred Therapy for Sleep Apnea & Snoring


By accepting your medical insurance and flexible payment plans, we make treating your Sleep Apnea and Snoring affordable. 

With no parts, filters, or cleaning supplies required, ProSomnus OSA Therapy has lower long-term costs versus CPAP.

Covered by Medical Insurance

Virtually almost every medical insurance covers these oral appliances for sleep apnea. 

Although deductibles and co-payments may vary, nearly all medical insurance covers these benefits for sleep apnea.

Flexible Payments Plans

Most dental providers are willing to work with you to help you be in treatment. 

We recommend you speak with your local provider about 3rd party financing options.

The least intrusive, most comfortable patient preferred therapy to treat your sleep apnea & snoring.

Step 1

Meet with a ProSomnus
Sleep Provider

With thousands of ProSomnus sleep providers globally, finding one near you is fast and easy.

Step 2

Take a Home
Sleep Test

A convenient home sleep test will determine whether or not you have sleep apnea.

Step 3

Get Fitted for a Custom ProSomnus Device

Your ProSomnus provider will take impressions, fit you for a cutting-edge device, and instruct you on usage, care, and maintenance.

96% of patients strongly prefer ProSomnus over CPAP and traditional solutions.

Based on a ProSomnus Institutional Review Board Study conducted in 2021

Patients prefer ProSomnus to their CPAP and traditional solutions

Without hoses, masks, or surgery, patients love the restful sleep they get with a ProSomnus Device.

You too can treat your sleep apnea and snoring without the hassles of CPAP.

Patients prefer ProSomnus' flexibility, comfort, and durability

The small size and precise fit is more comfortable than other traditional sleep apnea solutions.

"The device is so easy to wear and felt so natural my husband had to remind me I was still wearing it."

Dentists prescribe ProSomnus for patient satisfaction

“I love ProSomnus because it’s effective, easy to maintain, and my patients say it’s easy to wear every night.”

      -Dr. Murphy

Physicians prefer ProSomnus' precision and advanced technology

"By using artificial intelligence-assisted design and robotic manufacturing, ProSomnus is light-years ahead of other medical device manufacturers. Nobody makes devices like they do."

     -Dr. Sall

Insurance providers prefer ProSomnus patient outcomes, warranty, and lower lifetime costs

ProSomnus adherence, effectiveness, warranty, and daily treatment reimbursement expense yields a net device cost of treatment that is 33% less than CPAP or traditional solutions.

Patients, Healthcare Providers, & Medical Insurance Companies all prefer ProSomnus devices

Patients and Healthcare Providers agree that ProSomnus provides an innovative, effective treatment for sleep apnea and snoring.

Find a Provider near you and begin your journey of healthy and restful sleep.

Join Hundreds of Thousands of Users Sleeping Restfully

What users say about ProSomnus

Patricia A.

More comfortable, I can get up and get a drink easily at night, my husband loves it too, because I don’t snore.

Patricia A.
Madison, WI

Cindy G.

I was wearing a nylon device, and was worried about my veneers, this is smaller, and it is not connected, so it is easier to yawn or stretch my jaw. It went in super easy the first try without any adjustments, less bulky on the sides than the straps with my other device.

Cindy G.
Nashville, TN

Henry Z.

My new ProSomnus EVO is terrific, I love the new material, fits in easier and I can close more easily around my lips. Better than any other appliance or CPAP that I have used.

Henry Z.
Milford, CT

Linda M.

Extremely comfortable, more than any other appliance I have had, no pressure on the teeth at all. Fit right in first try without any adjustments, feels smooth, nothing rubbing or uncomfortable. Less cumbersome than the one with the strap. Could not talk with that one in and my husband thought it made me look creepy!

Linda M.
St. Petersberg, FL

Cherise L.

A lot more room for my tongue, more comfortable, much smaller and it did not need any adjustments when they fit it in for me. The appliance went in really quickly.

Cherise L.
Scottsdale, AZ

Scott S.

I hated the other big piece of plastic crap I had in my mouth, too bulky, can’t close my lips. This new ProSomnus EVO is less bulky, more flexible, and more comfortable.

Scott S.
Columbus, OH

Lara G.

Excellent, totally different, feels great, snug but love the feel compared to the other appliances I have worn. I could not keep other appliances in my mouth all night. So much smaller and more comfortable, it doesn’t stick out at all.

Lara G.
Austin, TX

Kevin F.

My previous nylon appliance was really bulky, hard to wear all night. I took it our after a couple hours. This one dropped right in out of the box. So easy, not as bulky, much more comfortable and I don’t feel like it overwhelms my mouth.

Kevin F.
Los Angeles, CA


Common questions and answers about ProSomnus and sleep apnea.

Wearing the ProSomnus device (like a mouthguard for your upper and lower jaw) holds your lower jaw gently forward and opens the airway in the back of your throat. This makes it less likely that the air rippling through the partially closed airway causes snoring and your breathing flows more easily. Most snorers have sleep apnea, but a few do not. This treatment is very effective for both sleep apnea and snoring.

Consultations are typically free. If you need a home sleep test, it would be covered by your medical insurance. Similarly, any other treatments would fall under your medical plan.

Almost every medical insurance company covers Oral Appliance Therapy for mild, moderate and severe sleep apnea. Fees can vary but insurance companies set reimbursement levels for in network fees. Even the testing is covered.

By accepting your medical insurance and flexible payment plans, your ProSomnus provider makes treating your sleep apnea and snoring affordable.

With no parts, filters, or cleaning supplies required, ProSomnus Therapy has lower long-term costs versus CPAP.

Medicare does cover Oral Appliance Therapy for treating OSA and snoring. Certain device styles may be required. Please consult your ProSomnus provider for more information.

Oral Appliance Therapy is approved for Veteran’s benefits and coverages. Check with your local outpatient facility for more information.

Ready, Set, SLEEP.

Join hundreds of thousands of people sleeping restfully with ProSomnus.

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Mr. Dow holds a B.S. in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is recognized as a licensed certified public accountant by the Washington State Board of Accountancy.

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