We were founded on the premise that precision technologies can help dentists achieve better outcomes for Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients. Dentists needed a precise Oral Appliance to match their precision medicine approach to screening, treatment planning and managing care. With decades of combined experience in advanced dental technologies, the ProSomnus team accepted the challenge and created the MicrO₂.

Today, ProSomnus offers two therapeutic solutions. With the ProSomnus Monogram™ features available on the ProSomnus [IA] Iterative Advancement platform, you can match patient needs and specifications to a design solution. The ProSomnus [UA] Unlimited Advancement feature provides you with as many arches as you need beyond the standard series to achieve therapeutic results. You are no longer limited by the number or cost of additional arches. ProSomnus is the only manufacturer exclusively dedicated to enabling dentists to treat more OSA patients with greater effectiveness and efficiency. ProSomnus’ patented, precision oral appliances are designed to help dentists get patients into therapy faster, with fewer adjustments, fewer appointments, greater comfort and ease of use. Read on to learn more.


The ProSomnus® [IA] Sleep and Snore Device, with Monogram™ Customization Options and Unlimited Advancement Arches. This new precision manufactured, iterative advancement, sleep device is easy to customize for each patient centric treatment plan. Add Anterior Discluders, Airway Openings, Different Dual Post Angles, Splint Coverage Options, and more, all with the intent of optimizing treatment outcomes, patient experiences, and clinical efficiency. Don’t compromise your treatment plan to accommodate the limitations of sleep devices. Instead, personalize and customize with the ProSomnus [IA] Device and Monogram Customization Options. Join the growing number of dentists who are dedicated to treating more patients with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Call 844 537 5337 for a free starter kit.


ProSomnus Sleep Devices were used to successfully treat 71% of OSA patients,

including 100% of mild patients, 86% of moderate patients and 42% of severe patients

*A New Oral Appliance Titration Protocol using the MicrO2® Sleep Device and Mandibular Positioning Home Sleep Test.” Presented at AADSM on June 10, 2016 by John Remmers, MD and Nikola Vranjes, DDS during poster and oral presentations

Why are so many leading Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners choosing

ProSomnus Sleep Apnea Devices?

ProSomnus Sleep Apnea Devices provide the efficiency, effectiveness, and patient compliance that leading Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners demand.

Let ProSomnus Sleep Technologies help.

“I was recently fitted with a ProSomnus Device after wearing another appliance for a while. My sleep apnea was severe, and I simply could not tolerate a CPAP machine. The noise and pressure made me feel trapped. I really love the product and have told several friends who wear a CPAP. Or should I say, don’t wear their CPAP! There is an alternative that is way better.”

– David

“I tried other appliances and they were much bulkier than the ProSomnus Device. It is smooth and doesn’t bother my cheeks. It is easy to keep clean. There are no metal parts and I can’t imagine going to sleep without it.”

– Eric

Let ProSomnus give you the confidence and freedom with proven options and evidence-based innovation.